BTS Jungkook’s solo album ‘GOLDEN’ sold 2,147,389 copies on the first day

Breaking the solo singer’s first week sales record just one day after release

1. Our Jungkook has worked hard💜Thank you

2. After listening to all the songs in the album, I can clearly see that he sings so well, I think he will continue to do well

3. Jungkook is amazing, after listening to this album I really like all the songs so I will definitely trust and buy the album when he releases it

4. How come all the songs in the album are so good?

5. It’s a masterpiece

6. All the songs are good

7. As expected, he did well as a solo artist

8. Jungkook really worked hard to release this album. Golden is truly a masterpiece

9. I really like all the songs in this masterpiece

10. It’s a masterpiece, all the songs are good

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