BTS Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next to You’ survives the Christmas season and rises again in 7th week on Billboard Hot 100

5→ 50→ 73→ 80→ 72→ 99→79

1. Daebak daebak

2. Wow, the song is great and Jungkook’s voice is great too

3. This song is so good

4. I think this is the song that highlights Jungkook’s charm, of course it’s probably because Jungkook performed both songs well

5. This is amazing, Jungkook is the best

6. Congratulations to Jungkook

7. Jungkook’s live performance was amazing. Congratulations to Jungkook

8. He uses Billboard like Melon

9. Jungkook is the best💜

10. As expected, Jungkook

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