BTS’ management company HYBE established the first in-house clinic in the entertainment industry

HYBE, BTS’ management company, is the first company in the domestic entertainment industry to operate an in-house clinic (health care center) with a team of professional medical staff

1. I really hate Bang Si Hyuk, but I like this

2. I’m really jealous of this… I’m crying

3. It’s really a big company

4. This is the first time in the entertainment industry… CJ E&M already has an in-house clinic…?

5. Wow, this is really good

6. Wow, I’m really jealous of this..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I’m a nurse and want to work at HYBE, I’m not an employee of HYBE but the company benefits seem good

8. I’m really jealous of this… The office workers don’t even have time to go to the hospital

9. I think they need to manage medical information well

10. I’m so jealous

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