BTS members all renewed their contracts with Big Hit Music

[Official] Big Hit Music announces their contract renewal with BTS… “We will be together in 2025”

On September 20, HYBE confirmed, “The board of directors completed the renewal of the exclusive contracts of all 7 members of BIGHIT MUSIC artists BTS.”

1. All you have to do is believe in BTS

2. Please treat BTS well

3. I love BTS, I’ll wait until 2025~

4. I was hoping that all the BTS members would go to another agency and receive the support they deserved ㅠㅠ Big Hit, please wake up and do better

5. I’m happy that they renewed the contract, but Big Hit…. please do well

6. HYBE, please treat BTS well

7. Big Hit, if you really have a conscience, please treat each member well…

8. I really like BTS and I hope that HYBE will pay more attention to BTS in the future

9. I hope BTS will continue to be successful in the future…

10. Big Hit, please sue the haters…

11. I’m not a fan but I still want to see BTS

12. I trust the members, HYBE, please do well

13. HYBE, I don’t want anything else. Please treat BTS well

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