BTS members’ solo albums are critically acclaimed

BTS solo artist album ranking by critics

The most critically acclaimed Korean solo artist albums in history

TOP 2 albumsㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1 J-Hope ‘Jack in the Box’

2 RM ‘Indigo’

They always prove their popularity with their music

[+237, -20]

1. [+61, -2] J-Hope’s concept is really crazy, it’s great that he challenged himself with new music. I was impressed that RM calmly told his story in various genres

2. [+54, -2] 9th Album of the Year by Rolling Stones 2022

3. [+51, -4] Look at the kids here laughing at J-Hope’s ranking on Melon. For them, the world just ran around Melon. An album can sometimes become a work of art, but since they only see what they know, they are obsessed with Melon’s Top 100

4. [+41, -0] So cool

5. [+32, -0] J-Hope is so cool, I know that after watching his stage at MAMA

6. [+15, -0] J-Hope’s Lollapalooza has set a record for the highest ticket sales since the festival was established

7. [+5, -0] The BTS members seem to be finding their identity as solo artists. So I’m excited for the rest of the members’ albums and future songs. Each of them is working hard to prepare their own songs!

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whether i’m a fan of someone or not, i respect any artist who’s directly involved in the songwriting and production process

Dot com

Meanwhile kpoppies think doing well on melon or in Korea is the pinnacle of great artistry. 99% of kpop songs are trash and you can find them ranked high on melon, no one takes them seriously


of course not but it’s important for Korean artists because it’s their home country no matter what, karmys did him wrong but they admitted it.


not really. bangtan were more popular internationally from the start. sk has never really appreciated them.

Dot Com

Karmy have been absent in support for years. Started off with Sweet Night when they publicly boycotted and international army’s supported it because apparently karmys can do no wrong. Their words now mean nothing until I start to see some movement on these solo numbers. Consistently.

Now days I don’t think idols care about k charts too much. Their every move is made for international charts (which they fail at). It’s more prestigious to get a teen choice award or EMA than an MMA award right now but those same fans will drag folks that do great in the west just because their faves can’t. Can’t beat ‘em? Drag em.

WhatsThe Point

Joon said ofc the charts are important but making a meaningless viral hit for tiktok or charts is not something he wants to do and he proved it.
The BTS members study music and its roots and then make it from their own colors.
Like I totally didn’t expect jack in the box with that concept, but again it’s something only hobi can pull off.
Same with indigo, the fact that joon has been making this album since 2019 is enough to know he values the process

Berry Island

Jack in the box was the best album I had ever listened to. Eventho I know how talented BTS is, I thought nothing will come close to that album because it is just that good & that full album. But RM proved me how I was wrong. Indigo & JITB are the best albums I have ever listened to. They are both work of art. Whether one is a fan or not, they can’t help but gotta acknowledge their work. It is not normal but excellent masterpieces.


i just won’t forget karmys did jhope wrong but at least they admitted that they could’ve done so much better this year & not always relied to the public since 2019.

Jennie is Hooo

Real musician, not just some ‘entertainer’ 🤤


Like it or not, you cant deny both album are great artistically n conceptually. BTS members at this stage care more about finding their identity n trying to experiment musically. RM admitted chart still important but its not really his priority.


joon now has a score of 89 making his album the one with the highest score for a korean soloist


It can decrease with another review lol it has 5 rn. Jitb debuted high with 4 reviews


I listen to a lot of kpop and music in general. I like exploring new music and new music style. Kpop was boring me lately it was full of ‘noise’ no art no musicality whatsoever. And then I stumbled upon J-hope’s album…
It is a work of art that can’t be replicated! Let me tell you even out side of kpop .. no like seriously among all 2022 releases there isn’t an album I’d choose over this one! It’s so creative, so raw, and so touching.
I see why it was listed as the 9th in that list. I can tell this album will be remembered even years later.


When it comes to BTS you can rely on them to deliver something special and high quality. Indigo, Jack in the box and The Astronaunt will remain in the memory of many and I’m not just talking about Army. The world of haters is so small, but on a global level, Bangtan is so big.


The tracks in Jack In The Box were too short. 😭😭😭


Both albums are incredible and I’m so happy they gave so much insight into their processes and understandings for their songs.

Every time a member releases music, they all set the bar so high and I’m already looking forward to seeing how they grow from where we last saw them.

Last edited 9 months ago by EMs

Indigo is Art. Not everyone can make it


I must say this. I feel a bit dejected that the rapline’s music isn’t as appreciated by the larger fandom. Armys on a large scale like pop music, like Jungkook’s solo songs and always sideline their hip hop work. I know asian countries don’t take up to hip hop very much but it’s really sad. BTS rapline deserve a better fandom.

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