BTS Paved The Way for Kpop (With Proof)

BTS paved the way, four words that the average kpoppie starts whining about every time they see them on a tweet. Now why are they such crybabies who can’t handle the truth? Below is proof of BTS paving the way for kpop.

BTS has the most Daesangs out of any Kpop group, even though multiple fandoms including Blinks and Exo-ls like to whine about it.

BTS is the first and only Kpop group to ever get nominated for a Grammy award, which happens to be another fact that makes Blinks sad.

BTS is the biggest boy group since The Beatles, even if fandoms such as Stays and VIPs like to say that their favs are bigger.

BTS were the first Kpop group to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 with Dynamite, even if salty Blinks like to say that Blackpink paved the way.

All of BTS’ solos have made it to the Billboard Hot 100.

BTS is the first and only Kpop group to ever visit the White House.

And a lot more.

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