BTS RM departs for Milan to attend Bottega Veneta’s fashion show

1. His smile is so cute

2. Wow, look at his aura

3. Even in the pictures, Namjoon seems to be full of energy

4. Why is he getting more and more handsome?

5. Wow, because he’s tall, the long coat suits him well

6. Daebak, because he cut his hair short, his face is small and his proportions stand out

7. I’m not even his fan, but every time I see Namjoon, he’s cool and handsome

8. RM is cool, he suits Bottega so well

9. He’s so sweet and pretty ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. Kim Namjoon is so hot

11. Kim Namjoon’s smiling eyes are so cute ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

12. He’s tall, his face is small, and his proportions are really amazing

13. The clothes suit him so well, he looks like a mature professor

14. He’s kind, tall and handsome

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seungri is free

Right. Wear a mask so you don’t scare people 🙂


Somebody doxx this guy.


You keep projecting, go to a psychiatrist.

White cat

It’s hard huh, being ignore and shit by you own family. Now you need to vent online just because nobody care about you. People spitt when they see you right?


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Last edited 1 month ago by jasmin

says the one who stans srungri lmaoooo


Namjoon looks great in Bottega Veneta, enjoy Milan!


Is he a model? Go write music fgs

White cat

He is an artist. Are you stupid or what??

WhatsThe Point

He writes more songs than anyone in kpop rest assured. He ain’t slacking in doing his job unlike u


??? Saying this abt one of the top, if not the top, most credited music artists in SK?


say this to your girlies 😂 not to rm who wrote 200 songs lmaooooo


He suits the brand, just like Hobi suits LV. Suga with Valentino is kind of hit and miss. Jimin with Dior is a terrible match. He’s too short to pull their outfits.


jimin x chanel would have worked fine, but he honestly is a mismatch with dior be it from his aura to his physique, nothing about him screams dior at all

WhatsThe Point

Jimin screams Channel actually. Dior doesn’t kinda suit him and Celine doesn’t suit tae either. I want him for Armani or Versace

It's whatever

I think tae does suit Celine tho, he seems comfortable with it, or even Gucci, I don’t see him as a Versace kind of guy

As for jm, yes. He always wore channel and it suited him very well, in comparison Dior looks weird on him, idk if it’s his proportions, his face or the outfit.

Same with Suga and Valentino, he doesn’t look comfortable in those outfits, I’ve always thought Suga had a defined style like JK does


Tae with Celine is pretty underwhelming but so far, he made it work. If he signed with them, I think he’ll be just fine.


Underwhelming is you and your ugly fav. Tae outsells you and your favs with ease


Tae can pull off any brand unlike you and your ugly favs. Armani is gross you wear it


I see him wearing Maison Margiela a lot so I thought that brand suited him. Chanel is good too and he wore them well.


Yeah, Dior is just totally not his vibe. Like there is no connection there.


I wouldn’t say terrible, but oh wow, yeah, Chanel would’ve been a MUCH better match for Jimin.


So, he’s def going to sign for BV, right? I can’t wait to see the videos abt this.



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