BTS RM gets compliments for knowing how to use his good influence

“To preserve and restore cultural properties that are overseas”… BTS RM donated 100 million won for 2 years in a row

The Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation revealed, “RM recently donated 100 million won to our foundation asking us to use it to preserve and restore cultural properties that are overseas.”

After receiving the donation, they have been working with the LACMA to preserve the ‘hwarot’, a robe from the Joseon Dynasty currently owned by the LACMA

1. Daebak, he’s working hard not only to develop the culture but also to preserve it

2. Namjoon, you are our pride

3. Well, the way he uses his influence and wealth is amazing

4. RM is an idol, but he’s like a cultural diplomat, seriously

5. I think he really loves Korean art. It’s great to always be consistent in words and actions

6. He’s so cool… He’s younger than me but I really respect him

7. Our leader is so cool!!!!

8. Daebak, our leader Kim Namjoon

9. I’m not a fan of BTS so I don’t know, but I think I’ve seen RM’s good influence in a lot of articles. Thank you…

10. I don’t know BTS well and I don’t know this member well, but thank you so much

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