“BTS spoons are a thing of the past” How did TXT become the ‘successor of BTS’?

How did TXT become the ‘successor of BTS’?

“BTS spoons are a thing of the past”

Group TXT is emerging as the representative of K-pop. This is because the 5th mini album ‘The Name Chapter: Temptation’, which was released on the 27th of last month, has sold over 2 million albums and ranked at No.1 on the Billboard 200

TXT is the only K-Pop artist to stay in the top 3 on the Billboard 200 for two weeks in a row, next to BTS

In order to overcome BTS’s junior group prejudice, TXT focused all their energy on their music. They gradually expanded their musical range by challenging various genres such as pop, R&B, rock and disco, and all five members participated in writing and composing lyrics, reinforcing the story and color of their own music

The foreign media claim that TXT has achieved growth on their own through their own music and storytelling, rather than relying on ‘BTS aura’. W magazine of America said, “Through 2 full albums and 5 mini-albums so far, TXT has conveyed the precariousness of youth, from the sadness of parting to loneliness.” The American music magazine Dazed also said, “After debuting in March 2019 and garnering worldwide attention, TXT has grown continuously and become artists aiming for world domination”

1. They only do well overseas, but they don’t do well in Korea

2. Anyone who sees this article might think that BTS has retired

3. If BTS has a successor, it’s TXT, isn’t it BTS’s only junior in Big Hit?

4. I feel that HYBE can’t promote other groups without BTS

5. HYBE is crazy, don’t use BTS to promote other groups

6. It’s like you went to Seoul National University, but your brother used to be a Harvard student

7. I really don’t understand why the company is doing this, TXT is TXT and BTS is BTS

8. I wish they would stop mentioning BTS~

9. I’m a fan of BTS but I don’t think much about the article, I think TXT’s comeback is so good this time, congratulations

10. I hope TXT will get better. I love this song~

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Comment #7 couldn’t be more accurate.


Comment #7 couldn’t be more


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Bts’ success and records are the standard. And without bts, hybe wouldn’t have a pawn to use for other groups in mediaplay 🙈


Rookies newjeans outdid rookies bts 💅🏻


so hybe in 2023 is bighit in 2013???
next time when you try to argue please use your brain little bit if you have one


& they will flop sooooo bad after 1 or 2 years just like the other 4th ggs 💅
at least bts blew up in 2015 & continued to grow later on


“grow”, their peak is dynamite. Let their new songs top dynamite records first. Ptd, lgo, ytc all flopped. At least new jeans are keep getting better each comebacks


Each comeback? They have only 2 comeback so far and total of 5 songs 😭😭Why newjeans fans are so desperate to beat BTS? and defined “ptd,lgo,ytc all flopped”.


they can’t even win on music bank or a simple vote 😂 all these losers who are loud about newjeans are token stans who are using newjeans in order to hate on bts lmao
trust me they will drop newjeans when another gg hit big or xwhen their fame drop . I saw this with black pink itzy aespa & lesserafim before 😂


who are you trying to fool here with your bs clown?
ptd lgo & ytc charted high on every chart, broke records on youtube,sales,spotify, sold million of copies and won awards everywhere in korea and in the usa. these are things other kpop groups including NJ can only dream about lmaooo 😂
next time try to bring another lie in order to save yourself


Are you on drugs or simply desperate to turn yourself into a joke????? lgo & ptd debuted n1 on the fvcking Hot100 !!!!!!!!!!!!
if this is considered flopping to you then what’s success I am sorry?
and proof is the 3rd best selling abum in 2022 in the world & it has been nominated for a grammy
talk to me when newjeans & the other kpop groups bring 000000.1% of these fLoP achiebements lol 😂


sure jane…..


flop like bts 😭


bts’s songs all flopped right? but still your girls can’t touch 0.0000000000001% of these flop records records? ouch!
how sad 😢
and it’s funny to see you pressed about dynamite even after 3 years.
damn! dynamite is that b!tch! 😂


All flopped yet you are crying about them even after 3 years Lol !
talk about the loser behaviour omg this is the biggest proof of how huge these songs were 😘 because you still remember them .I love it when pathetic kpoppies love to deny bts’s impact and fame but still use them as a standard when they praise their faves 😂

Lazy Banana

BTS built the company that paid for NJ’s training, debut and promotions from the ground, please use your brain cells, they’re not for decoration


Rookies njs will not be there without rookies bts, those girlies have every privileges thanks to rookies bts working hard. Might as well bow their head properly those minors


Explain rookies enhypen, lsfm, txt then not having the same success w nj?


txt charted on bb200 with their debut album, topped +75 countries and broke tons of insane records in 2019 & they took many roty awards too
enhypen sold 1m copies in their 2nd cb, won all the rookie awards in 2020 & broke insane records on yt & spotify.
lesf debut & cb charted high on kcharts , won music awards & sold thousands of copies not to mention their records on spotify billboard & itunes too


You don’t stan rookie nj. You stan the payola. If New Jeans had debuted in another company with the same songs, you wouldn’t even know them. There isn’t a single article praising BTS without using their name. Cry harder 🤙


When you stop using bts while talking about other groups, you realize that those groups will never be bts 🤡


Comment 1 is delusional lmao, TXT is charting very well on Korean streaming platforms especially MelOn. They even established 2 new MelOn records, all category.
Their MVs, performances & variety shows trend on YouTube Korea.
They sold 1.8M copies on the 1st day & topped Korean album charts


Youre delulu.
Those records on Melon is thanks to their massive fandom that increased but actually they are not popular in Korea, their song has 0 stability on the charts, do you want to see real success in Korea? Just look at NewJeans, they really are Bangtan’s daughters


daughters? 😂 I like newjeans but their fans are hopless!
so according to your logic moas should not support txt’s music or what?


And NewJeans can’t get two votes on any fanvoted stuff, your point? NewJeans will disappear the second they have a shitty song




I’m tired of these articles bringing BTS into TXTs business all the time but TXT is NOT doing badly in Korea, that’s an ignorant statement, their charting this album was all in top 10 on melon top 100, not even those easy charts, but the main chart.

This article seems like it’s written for investors who wouldn’t know the difference between these groups if it punched them in the face.

Also for all the people saying hybe this hybe that, TXT is the only group who can be related to BTS in any way as they are both from Bighit, so I’m sure BTS themselves are happy for TXT getting more successful.

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this article does nothing but set up TXT.. please stop.. both are doing well separately, let’s just enjoy and support them.. 😩


Oh god let them breathe. Both of them can be themselves and create their own history. Why do you need to compare when BTS is still around?


bitiAss in the past. just a 7 goblins created by mediaplay

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Lol seungrii staannn🫣


trust me that’s seungri


“freesungri” oh man we moved

K army

Hybe is more and more becoming disgvsting… Always using BTS for other grps
BTS are still active and their popularity will not not fade even after 5 generation idols

They are like Beatles


BTS spoons are a thing of the past”
yet they are using bts to promote their groups 😂 I love txt but this is so stupid . txt & other kpop groups together can’t touch 0.1% of bts’s impact in 2018 let alone in 2024

Lazy Banana

How is BTS a thing of the past when their name is even used for free drinks lmaooooo


Also flopcity called bts “that group”. Excuse me? Bts is their senior and sunbae. They are really jealous of bangtan.


That was a joke!
You know what isn’t a joke? Your Wh0r3hyung being an industry cvmdvmp



Lazy Banana

You’re right, your favs’ career is a joke, my bad


I’m a fan of both groups and seriously no one cares about comparing them


we r tired of these types of articles,,,,,,,TIREDDDDDDDD I NEED THOSE DAMN REPORTERS TO DO THEIR JOBS CORRECTLY!!!!! how can their own country’ media despise bts so much like it’s baffling to me

like we’ve been knew that kmedia cannot bring themselves to make posts about bts that matter like cover their many many achievements that either go under reported or not even posted at all but they always got energy to be posting this type of bs like!!!!! and it’s not even just txt, I have nothing against those boys they r great+this isnt their fault, but it even happens with nct, ateez, stray kids, bp etc etc over the years LIKE DAMN COME UP WITH SOMETHING ELSEEEEEEEE WE R BEGGING.


Its hybe mediaplay, they send this articles to reporters


this is pathetic OMG


Even flopxt out performing bt@55


b!ch where? 😂 & you can’t be serious talking about flopping when you stan nct lmaoooo


Hybe new pillr is NewJeans


Thats why ador still in red numbers ?? Lmao


& that’s why they bring 2% of the profit only 😂
Jin alone and who has been in the army since Dec brings 8% to hybe lmaooooooo


txt being the only group to acknowledge they have privilege and that the promo bts gave them since 2019 is the reason their names made waves.. but you look at these other groups (except seventeen) and they dont do this.


those boys in 2019 WANTED to live up to expectations they feel they had since theyre in the same company as bts. “we want to be like sunbaenim, we want to achieve things and get bigger and showcase our talents too” not once did they ever say they wanted to “take over” or “be the only and the best” (like some boy groups with shameful fans who use fraudulent methods to get them achievements do) txt say what their wishes are and they use bts as an example to SHOW that these things they want are ONLY POSSIBLE because of bts. i have never heard a boy group say “we want to do this, like bts did” its only ever “we want to be the first kpop group to do this” “we want world domination” THE LACK OF UNDERSTANDING BEHIND WHAT BTS HAVE ACTUALLY MADE POSSIBLE FOR ASIAN ARTISTS IS ASTOUNDING. you can’t sit there and acknowledge they paved the way and acknowledge they do so much for you and then turn around and try to claim you’ll do bigger than them.


Frrr like you never see nct talk about being insanely privileged because of exo, why does txt always get shit

meow meow

there is not successor for bts nobody can be them and nobody needs to be let those boys be txt and let them do what txt does


BTS and Army are the reasons why all this groups can sell their albums in US, so every korean artist with records related to album sales are thanks to BTS and Army
So youre welcome kpoppies

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