BTS Suga is praised for donating 100 million won to Turkey and Syria earthquake relief fund on his birthday

BTS Suga donates 100 million won to Turkey and Syria earthquake relief fund on his birthday

1. A great man who always does nice things on his birthday!

2. Happy birthday to Suga!!!!

3. It’s great that Suga seems to be constantly donating

4. Yoongi is so cool

5. I’m so proud of him

6. Seriously, Min Yoongi is the best

7. Min Yoongi is awesome. Happy birthday, Yoongi-ah

8. Suga hyung is so cool

9. BTS donates a lot

10. He always donates on his birthday, daebak

11. Happy birthday and thanks for your donation!

12. Happy birthday to Yoongi. As expected, our Yoongi

13. I always support him for his great actions and beliefs

14. Yoongi who always does good things, he’s so cool

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Saint Seungri

Its just a 75k dollars hahahha flopga has no money 🙂 oh that mediaplay criiiinge


I know you’re aspiring to be internet trash, but try matching that donation if you think that’s “no money” then.


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how much did seungri donate?


Happy birthday to Yoongi! He continues to be a good inspiration to others~


He always makes donations for his birthday, besides being a great artist, he is a great person. Happy birthday, Yoongi!

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