BTS Suga & NewJeans Hanni ‘Haegeum’ challenge

1. Hanni is so good at dancing

2. The two of them are cute, they’re really good at dancing

3. Hanni is the dance member? She dances well

4. Hanni is seriously so cute

5. The meeting of sugar and honey… so sweet

6. Hanni dances well

7. Hanni is good at dancing, I love this challenge

8. Suga is cool and Hani is cute. This is a combination of sugar and honey

9. This combination is so cute…

10. Hanni’s hair is cute but her dance is cool

11. Hanni is crazy!!!!!

12. Hanni is cute ㅜㅜ Why is she so good?

13. The two of them dance so well, they’re so cute

14. I think Hanni is so good at dancing

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