BTS Suga will be criticized if he enlists as social worker because of his lyrics

BTS Suga undergoes shoulder surgery after 8 years… Taking a break from activities (Article that was published in 2020)

Will he enlist as social worker?

1. Because of his lyrics, I think he should go to the army. He wrote lyrics like that, but if he enlisted as social worker, he’d get more hate

2. Would you feel comfortable if the person who had shoulder surgery went to the army and had pus from his shoulder again? There are a lot of crazy people

3. How old is Jin? I don’t know what year Suga was born, but it looks like this member will be the next to enlist

4. The comments are scary

5. That’s why you should be careful with your words. He shouldn’t have written lyrics like that

6. The lyrics are so confident that I think he’s going to enlist in the army

7. I think people will ignore the other members if they enlist as social workers, but this one bragged that he’s going to the army in the lyrics, so it’s a bit like that

8. It was an article in 2020, are you kidding me???

9. I was wondering why you posted an article 2 years ago… You are disgusting

10. I feel sorry for BTS and the fans

11. I thought our Yoongi would have shoulder surgery again

12. He had shoulder surgery to do his military service

13. Please leave him alone

14. As soon as Jin enlists, Suga will be next?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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weirdos bringing back an article from 2020 lmao it hasn’t even been decided yet why cant yall wait?


Why are knetz always so nosy about twice and bts


Only relevant one


They’re too excited for nothing. The article was two years ago and his shoulder was already healed.


a lot of comments there point out but when did social work =/= enlistment? It’s just a different assignment. Plenty of people celebs included were assigned for social work instead of the military branch for various reasons medical included. I assumed he’d get this ever since they announced he was going to get surgery. People who go through major surgeries like that get assigned social work. My dad got assigned there too cuz he had extremely bad eyesight, he still goes through basic training, and the work is grueling nonetheless.

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the people who are dragging him just want him to get hurt again..

WhatsThe Point

Y’all are really disgusting.
Had problem with bts not enlisting yet, now that they’re enlisting voluntarily, it’s “didn’t enlist soon enough, should enlist this way, that way”..
Now I’m gonna be insufferable and be in every other male idols business who hasn’t enlisted by the age of 28.
Wonho and eggs next! Only BTS law allows BTS members to delay until the age of 30, if anyone’s not enlisting by 28 y’all don’t peep a word abt it




Egg members didn’t enlist even though hag is way above his limits but its a problem when bts who were literally allowed till 30 are a problem guess that’s the difference btw relevant and irrelevant


no, it’s not because of that. the deadline is before they turn 30 international age, so for 94 liner it will be next year. there’s a reason why many 94 liners still haven’t enlisted this year, they’re waiting until the last minute of the deadline lol


I think that’s even more the point. Ppl were harping on all of BTS to enlist ever since 2018, when the oldest was only 25 internationally. And criticizing them for waiting till last minute even tho that’s normal behavior (and even tho many have gone even after their supposed due date).

With that logic, ppl should be dragging everyone before ’01 to enlist rn bc they trying to dodge at this point 🤡

Edit bc I forgot that no one else have gov permission to postpone lol

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not 28, but 29… this year knetz were dragging 93 liner idols like ravi and mino. but ravi already enlisted. there’s still no sign for mino. they’ll surely drag 94 liner idols next year 😂


That is still enlisting you idiots and its longer term too. If they want to be social worker then be run over by a car and severly injure yourself.


yoongi has every right to call out people to mind their business about the army, it’s insane how people are trying to nitpick him for it when people were getting clout of bts name 24/7. bts can never win, at the end of the day they are doing their military service


Korean people are crazy. I am not even an army.
Like wtf these crazy ppl mean by just cause he wrote lyrics for enlistment he needs to go to army. Like even when he is not physically fit for one and his condition can get severe if he actually joins army instead of being social worker. Have these koreans gone nuts or something? Like with your blind hate for a person you have stopped seeing what’s right and wrong in this situation. And I have heard in Korean social worker thing you have to be in that position more than in army. So the thing is totally balanced. You are spending time more in that social worker enlistment thing.
Why these stupid Korean mfs are going after a dude who had a surgery and is at risk of getting in severe condition if he joins army. And are trying to make him do things that could end extremely bad. Like these types of Koreans needs to get mental health checkup.


Fxck all the mfs comments. Who cares what yall think


Oh so now Jin is out of way next target is yoongi?? The day these bitches learn to mind their own business 🤡


yeah the other hyung line will surely be the next target but if RM & Jhope enlist next year, they actually gonna enlist right on time because they’re 94 liners

I think the maknae line won’t get as much hate too

But I wasn’t done…

Vmin will get hate, especially Tae. Jk won’t


Fuck y’all , just leave them alone , Can’t you ?
Yeah he wrote the lyrics , did he know about the future surgery back then ? NO
Even if BTS are robots with no feelings and no mistakes you’ll still criticise them , cuz of ur fucking jealousy
As if they reached here today with no hardships !!


You’re all so disgusting
BTS brings so much money for South Korea, countless fame and recognition for South Korea, and they still have to enlist, and now you’re all as Korean citizen.. forcing a member who did hurt his shoulder in accident before debut (when he must endure it for fuckin years before went to surgery) to serve in active duty?! He did said he will enlist, and public service is also part of that. He will receive basic training just like the other people.
After you go all salty with Jin, which he endured it for years, now after he enlisted you are moving your salty words to suga?!!
Keyboard warriors are surely pathetic!
Whether he enlisted as active duty soldier or public service officer, HE’S STILL DOING MANDATORY SERVICE FOR HIS OWN COUNTRY, HE’S STILL SERVING FOR HIS OWN COUNTRY!!
Shit I’m so mad at people who lost their brain and humanity!!


Korea and koreans are just the most unsupportive and bitter people in the world


wow it’s true what they say. korea doesn’t deserve bts


in the announcement for his surgery it was mentioned that being able to do his military service properly is one of the reasons he’s doing it.yall act dead when he’s breaking records with his music & the impact his one traditional concept mv had outside korea but can post a 2year old article to remind everyone that you’re a total shit i see


knets need to get a life


Ugh. Before, Jin was the one who had to take the brunt of the hate comments because he’s the oldest and the first that needs to be enlisted and now that he has, the haters have moved on to their next target, Yoongi. I can see this annoying cycle happening for each member until Jungkook enlists then they will finally shut the f up.


He is not the one who will decide it lol he’s getting graded in the military 😭


Yoongi has been serving his country for years, whether he goes to the army or does alternative service. He has already done more for Korea than all these losers who talk bad about him. 


These freaks can keep crying no one cares…. I hope they all get robbed.




He is Coward


And this from someone who attacks anonymously.


Jennie is a slut is a more true statement


No. He’s not an ass shaker or a twerk guy, he’s a grammy nominee and he’s been drafted into the military despite making millions of dollars for his country.


antis are too jobless
“suga will be criticized” lol as if y’all antis don’t hate on them on daily basic already
nobody cares about y’all, not even suga


Koreans are THAT disgusting right???

Ridiculing own successful people, always trying to bite them, to hurt them.

Dripping with jealousy, with poisonous hatred.

Always kissing asses of westerners.

Slave mentality is in their DNA.

Just imagine that Koreaboos blindly worship them. Eww…

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Dot Com

I would be so resentful of my country if I was BTS. They deserve to belong to a country that serves and honors them the way they bring honor to their country. I will forever root against Korea.

Grace Walker

Why only complain about Suga, what a bunch of hypocrites. Why no complaints about other Idols, who have do social work duties in the military due to injuries?

Grace Walker

The Korean, age system will change to coincide with international age system starting next year.


Knets/Korean idols deserve to be forgotten after BTS enlist


Those netizens are driving me crazy. They can’t even think straight anymore. How can someone who has had surgery go into the military? Moreover, he still cannot properly use his arm in dances. In my country, a person who has had a major event such as surgery will never be drafted into the military. But Suga never said he would not go. leave him alone now! They have no shame 💀


He, jimin and v look like the type that would try to enter social worker side instead of active duty. So this perso can dance intense choreo for years and suddenly when it comes to enlistment, people are going yo excuse him for being cripled bcs of shoulder operation 8 yrs ago lmfao


Yoongi had surgery 2 years ago, after years of going through a lot of pain and having to take painkillers that no longer worked for him. During that time, he continued to dance and sing, yes, because he is a professional, so shut up, if you don’t know what you are talking about!

But I wasn’t done…

You seem like the type that belongs on heavy medication for delusions


Seokjin sudah mendaftar, target berikutnya adalah suga, kapan kpopies ini mulai menyembuhkan hati mereka agar tidak mengganggu bts lagi, apakah cedera dan operasi bahunya sengaja dilakukannya, bukankah ini sesuatu yang tidak diinginkan, apakah kalian akan nyaman jika seseorang yang pernah cedera pergi mendaftar ke militer, padahal kalian mengerti kalau ini termasuk pengecualian, dia berniat ikut pendaftaran tapi keadaannya tidak memungkinkan untuk aktif,

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