BTS Taehyung’s Instagram post failed to reach 10 million likes in a day for the first time? Here’s how Lisa’s appearance made an impact

Recently, Taehyung of BTS posted a photo from the Celine pop up event with Blackpink’s Lisa and actor Park Bogum. While Instagram armys and blinks were very supportive towards the trio, Twitter stans were very upset with the photo and acted weirdly. Some blinks were blaming Taehyung for posting with Lisa, while some armys completely hesitated to even like the post. This led to less likes on the photo compared to Taehyung’s other posts on Instagram.

Later, many armys pointed out that this is not justifiable to not like Taehyung’s posts because of appearance of others.

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Car keys

This is a very unserious post. Who cares??? And ppl are allowed to not like a post


As a blink it’s the first time i didn’t like lisa’s post either so it’s not a big deal


Who care abt liztard. Her engagement is low despite having 90m followers lol

Stupid pannkpop

What the fuck?


mmm you must be another maknae line akgae to be in deep of army twt to get the screenshots

u know what I’m assuming you’re a bp member akgae and a bts member akgae

anyway this is such a non-issue


but you’re gonna call me misogynistic when I say Lisa is literally aware of her unhinged, desperate bunch of unwashed, smelly fans reporting Taehyung’s Instagram account to the point he lost followers and nobody could follow him for more than 2 WHOLE WEEKS yet said absolutely nothing about it. be serious. Taehyung has no obligation towards you, or towards Lisa. now get off his back and go back to the hole you crawled out of 🤭


Y’all are the ones reporting her instagram 247 and making up lies to excuse it lol, Lisa is almost 100m why would we care about toto, y’all thought he would reach 100m before her but got humbled despite all the bots

Ahh i rather deal with Andrew tate fans at this point


Bots stan calling other bots

Nini bear

Why spam lisa’s instagram then? Even before she posted the obvious AD, professional victims, as for followers every single celebrity on instagram looses followers including Lisa, and thanks to your breed she’s been shadow banned for 4 months

Deranged fandom, no wonder v closed his comments section i would be embarrassed if i was him


Blinks are so ridiculous. Since BTS members created their instagram accounts they have had comments disabled, you can confirm this by checking the other members’ account. It is not because I am a “coward” the option of the comments has always been that way. You brainless 😆


Nah that’s your problem, since bts created instagram y’all have been obsessed with lisa you get her updates before we do even edited and spreading lies that she saw y’all stories, it’s embarrassing actually😂


Nothing about this post is important lol the world is so much more than instagram likes


their obession is crazy and scary


Ikr? This obsessing over what fans do is freak behavior at this level. Who cares abt why ppl do or don’t like an instg post. Userposts need to stop.


totally!! it’s so rare to find people like you who have some dignity and logic. They are out of their mind and have to get some help


Us blinks need to mind our business for once

Nini bear

We are minding our biz it was their oppar posting first and then y’all go and spreading hate on lisa’s instagram before she even posted the add

Y’all need mental help asap


Your obsession with bts is more crazy lol


no I would leave a like because I’m not obsessed, it’s crazy how you guys normalize this shit

Ladyboy lisa

Fk off, go focus on rose treatment


I’m gonna take you seriuos when you change your username you little shit

Ladyboy lisa

Why? It’s a fact tho


Well your fave could do the same if she’s brave enough to have less engagements

Ladyboy lisa

Get that guy away from V


and who’s gonna take you out of my eyesight you make me sick


holy bleeding hell imagine caring about Instagram likes


Blinks do


well they only had instagram and now even that is snatched by bts lol

Hi, I'm Guest

Blinks, before BTS open their acc 🤭


Whom are u fooling u idiot?? You’re not am army. Stop embarrassing yourself.

Color color stan

It’s not a big deal 🙄 some armys just don’t like blackpink and their fandom which is also our second fandom 🙄

Nini bear

Yes if only y’all focused on your fave and left Lisa alone, but ur first reaction was spamming her insta


be so fucking serious right now. yall have been on bts&army’s case for years NOW (straight), YOU don’t get to play the victim card just because they return your energy. get it together.

Color color stan

We focus on our favs so they get hot100 entries and good sales all the time, but blonks can’t even give #100 to fadsoo’s long awaited album so you better ask yourself who is not focusing on their fav lol


it has over 10M likes while that girl cant get half of it lol go worry about that blonk

uga uga

How come this people be so full of shit?
I don’t even like blackpink but to dream that you have a chance with him to the point of being this petty is sick.
Instead of wasting money in albums these bitches should be wasting money on therapy. God knows they REALLY need it.


Oh what a tragedy that Taehyung didn’t get 10M likes in one day. Is your life so boring that you make a post about this?


tae’s post has more likes than lizard 😂

Color color stan

Because her followers are just bots lol no real engagement


Wth is this 💀


i love the note that ig users were very rational and supportive, as if comments on another social media were going to affect his likes. tracking likes like that isn’t normal behavior to begin with


The downgrade on his instagram page.

We should really compare likes and engagements of both lamonkey and Taehyung just for shits and giggles

Last edited 5 months ago by BlinkPink

his post is almost at 11m likes… what are u even talking about


What a sad thing to care about either way


but he did…


The only thing he had…


Their likes won’t matter at all. It’s still can reach 11M likes. A lot more than other idols

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