BTS V attends the Celine event in real time

1. I think he would look better if he changed his hairstyle

2. Wow, is that a doll?

3. I think the hair color somewhat reduces the tone of the face.. But he’s so handsome..

4. Wow, he looks like a prince

5. Oh, he really looks like a French doll

6. Is he the one who debuted in a girl group yesterday?

7. Wow~ Is he a doll?

8. Wow, but his legs and forearms are really skinny

9. Wow, V looks like a doll, so pretty

10. V doesn’t look human at allㅋㅋ Because of his hair, he looks like a doll

11. He lost weight and looks like a doll

12. Taehyung looks good today, he’s so cool

13. He looks like a doll, Celine’s clothes really suit him

14. I’m so jealous of Japanese ARMYs

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