BTS V, Bada, GOF ‘Smoke’ challenge, netizens are shocked by V’s dancing skills

BTS V, Bada, GOF ‘Smoke’ challenge

1. Wow, V is amazing, he deserves to be a role model for young idols

2. Wow V dances so well

3. This is the best challenge I’ve seen recently

4. Daebak, Taehyung dances so well

5. No, BTS is BTS.. He dances so well

6. I always thought that Taehyung was a good dancer

7. Wow.. He dances so well. His facial expressions are also good

8. Wow, he dances so well. I didn’t know he could dance this well

9. Wow, he dances better than I thought

10. Wow, this is my first time knowing that V can dance this well

11. Taehyung, he’s crazy, he’s so good

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