BTS’ V chosen as the most popular male idol in Japan

V was selected as the most popular male idol for 85 consecutive weeks in a ranking vote conducted in Japan, proving its popularity as a syndrome

1. Big eyes, clear T-zone, gorgeous and handsomeness, so Japanese people like it

2. The fans of the other idols are also working hard, but they can’t win 1st place. When Jimin won 1st place for a week and Jin won 1st place for a week, they spread articles on every site

3. Kim Taehyung, who can deny his popularity?

4. Only their fans do this, they don’t care

5. Deabak

6. Oh, I knew that V was popular, but Cha Eunwoo is no joke, as expected, Japanese kids are very argumentative

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Not this nehan ranking again. Only solos voted for this and for what purpose, really? Comment #4 nailed it.


Comment 2 also spilled lol


And those who spread the articles were also the fans of the said idols. Posting in allkpop under UCC 😂


lmao then its justify his big fandom then?


You only need one person to write that article. Doesn’t matter whether the fandom is big or not. Polls like this has no impact in the outside world. It only exists in kpop bubble.


And yet BTS and its members are really popular in Japan so idk why you’re discrediting so much. Did your fav not make it on the list, hence the bitterness? LOL get a life.


That’s the thing. They are already popular in Japan. So it goes back to my question, what was the purpose of this ranking? So solos can brag about their fave’s “achievement”? Achievement that is purely fan labour. And if your cb is “did your fave not make it on the list” then I have nothing else to say because that is the most basic thing to say when you have nothing.


Did you fave not make it on the list? Lmao.


probably very low on the list or just hates tae being on top


But I bet you eat the Korean br ranking up when that one is proven to be shady and manipulated by both fans and the owner


You mean the one where Jimin is #1 for years? Lmao definitely not. Nothing from that ranking is credible.


Point being, this poll has more credibility than the Korean one although both are just dck measuring contests so who cares


solos,ot7s,other fandoms,muggles,anything you name it,this ranking is truly nothing cause even if he was at the bottom of this list,japan is taehyung’s land.he doesn’t need ranking.


Good for him Japan is known as teteland for a reason


Taehyung’s immense popularity in Japan isn’t something new? It’s already taken as a fact now and there are many receipts of it throughout the years. There is a reason why bts members themselves have only pointed to Taehyung in popularity discussions multiple times cuz they know who is the most popular everywhere and in Japan Taehyung has no competition.


The biggest book store chain in Japan, Tsutaya Bookstore, just basically turned its bookstore like a museum for V so idk why there’s so many deniers about his popularity in Japan. Like, this could be voted by solos, but you can’t deny that the list has merits. That’s why Japan is labelled as Teteland.

But I wasn’t done…

Taehyung continuing to maintain his popularity while others create smear campaigns is hilarious

Dot Com

Taehyung a world wide superstar


Congratulations taehyung

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