BTS V has generated 364.2 billion won since becoming Celine’s global ambassador last year

The person who clicked the like button is a representative of Celine Korea

MV(Earned Media Value)

It is said that the EMV was generated through 31 posts posted on Instagram and Instagram feeds

1. I miss you, Kim Celine

2. V is perfect for Celine

3. I knew about Celine thanks to V. When I saw the accessories, they were so beautiful that I wanted to buy them all

4. Daebak~ Kim Celine is doing so well~

5. I knew about Celine because of V. When I saw V wearing it, I wanted to buy it

6. Kim Celine is perfect

7. He suits Celine better than I thought

8. As expected, Kim Taehyung

9. I also bought Celine after V became an ambassador. V and Celine are perfect

10. Wow… But V and Celine look so good together

11. Because of V, I want to buy Celine

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