BTS V is daebak, receiving explosive attention after ‘Jinny’s Kitchen’ premiere

BTS V is daebak

Top 10 Non-Drama TV Stars
3. V

Top 10 Keywords for Non-Drama TV
1. Jinny’s Kitchen V

[+360, -43]

1. [+103, -4] No, but it’s more interesting than I expected. The chemistry between Lee Seo Jin and V is so interestingㅋㅋㅋㅋ If Choi Woo Shik appears tomorrow, the chemistry between the two of them will explode, so I’m looking forward to it

2. [+92, -2] It’s good because tomorrow is Friday and Seojin’s’ day

3. [+89, -2] Wow Taehyung’s popularity is a big hit

4. [+85, -3] V is amazing, Seojin’s is so interesting

5. [+83, -3] Daebak, our Kim trainee’s popularity is a hot topic

6. [+43, -2] V always makes everyone laughㅋㅋ He’s so cute, I’m looking forward to the chemistry between Lee Seo Jin and V this week, Choi Woo Shik will also come, so it will be more interesting

7. [+30, -1] He’s so handsome, his voice is so good

8. [+30, -1] People around me say it’s fun, V is so funnyㅋㅋ

9. [+30, -1] Na Yeong Seok is really good at casting, I think he succeeded with casting V

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Kitchen maid is perfect job for this talentless boy 🤣


This btch is always here. Aren’t u tired?? Go worry about those actual 4 maids who even washed the feet of some gross man. Eww
Shouldn’t u be busy trying to defend that girlie supporting her rapist “love” again??

Last edited 21 days ago by Naysayer

kitchen maid is pretty much a good job compared to a loose seoul-cycle holes

Sweet lia

Why are you antis so jobless? 💀

Color color stan

Kitchen maid is better than being Jeremy’s whores lol


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Talk about your sluts


you’re being here at one second to hate bts and nowhere to be seen in supporting your fav no wonder your fav flops


Guess he can add this along with instagram modeling to his resume…only 2 things he will ever be good at..


Your flop is only good at begging.


good that he has haters. you all will never let him flop, the more you comment the more the admin will translate more of BTS articles.
So thank you for that.


Havent watched it & will not watch it. He gives off whiny annoying brat vibes.


he gives of innocent-straight-forward-honest employee who is confidence on his self worth.


I think the show will survive without user nes watching it tbqh

I've yujin

He’s unattractive
Jungkook #1


each one of us can have preferences.
Personally, they all have values that uniquely them, that star factor that not every members of every group has.


Stop setting Jungkook up. We all know you’re a troll 😭


Even you don’t believe that lol.
We know you’re a blonk and you want us to drag jungkook.
So next time try something that is not so ridiculously false 😭

Sweet lia

We all know ur a troll 💀
Denying Tae’s beauty is like denying oxygen. Say something that is at least a little believable next time…you troll 💀

Last edited 21 days ago by Sweet lia

The locals saying that he is a super famous singer of a well-known group and on top of that they were older gentlemen, even they know Tae and BTS.

seungri is free

getting ready for the army. there will be a lot of dishes 🙂


Worry about scar faced Jennie after getting slapped by her pimp YG

Sweet lia

Jobless antis everywhere 💀


Taehyung being relevant and successful in TV, music and advertising so I see why you hags are crying


That crazy jikooker kthhatesbts on twt has been throwing up over this show so much, antis can’t handle how much attention it’s getting him 🤭


for people who claim to hate taehyung, they seem to focus on him more than their bias lol

WhatsThe Point

I hope more people find out his real personality and let go of that rbf.

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