BTS V makes everyone crazy and curious with his latest pictures on Instagram

BTS V updates his Instagram

1. Looks like the Paris content is finally out

2. The vibe of the pictures is crazy. What did he do in Paris? Coming out soon?? I’m so excited…

3. This is crazy, isn’t it a movie?

4. I like V’s pictures with his unique vibes

5. The pictures are crazy

6. I gasped as soon as I saw the first picture

7. Wow, what’s the third picture? That vibe is crazy

8. What is it? What is it? Something big is coming ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. What did V film? I’m curious

10. The vibe of the 2nd picture is so good

11. I love these pictures so much!!! That vibe drives people crazy

12. Hul what did he do in Paris? ㅠㅠ Looks like there are a lot of local employees and the scale is big, right?

13. Taehyung is crazy, it’s like a movie

14. I’m curious, crazy, his aura is no joke

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No one moved


—The world when it comes to supporting slutpink’s music

**I knows it’s you blinkpink. You leave a particular stench no matter what account you use.

Last edited 7 months ago by Shug

You’re literally the first person here. I’d said you moved quite fast for Kim Taehyung.


Yet you are here moving being nothing but a waste on earth


Make me a sandwich kitchen boy

dot com bubble

You don’t have the money to pay him you brokeass bimbo


He’s so beautiful and dainty. I think it’s for either Kth1 or a luxury brand commercial campaign 😭😭😭


As soon as he publishes something, everyone, fans and haters, go crazy. The power he has.


He’s so skinny and pretty 😍


he’s too fine my god


Modeling is the only thing he’s good at


and ur fav pretending to be someone else is the only thing they’re good at

dot com bubble

Only 3/40 accounts? Come on, bring out seungri is free, sakura, Lucas. I know you have many accounts that you use but it’s all the same jobless bitch 😂

Last edited 7 months ago by dot com bubble

He’s gorgeous, it always blew my mind how even from pic his aura and charisma oozing out, he also have that mysterious aura, idk what project this will be(prob fashion related), but i can’t wait for this!


I think its for luxury brand ad campaign. Or he make cameo in movie.


Another hint after more than 3 months? 😭 But he’s soooo soooo pretty!!


The prettiest and most relevant


-is Jungkook


Now why you setting jungkook up? We know you’re a troll lol


Jungkook is handsome but Tae is just otherworldly beauty 🤩


Shut up. Stop setting them up.

Miss Mochi

Go back to popbase and stop trying to get Jungkook dragged. We armies know you’re a troll 🙄


BTS are all prettier and more relevant than you faves. Goofy

I've yujin

Nope its jungkook

Miss Mochi

You used the same acc to drag jungkook in another article and called him names 😂 we know you’re a troll. Get a life


Ahh something big is coming I am so excited to see what he did in Paris 😍 he looks so gooooooooood

dot com bubble

Taehyung is so beautiful. Whatever this is for, I’m on board 🥰

seungri is free

he learned to wash dishes. What about singing? 🙂

dot com bubble

Aww I knew you’d come! I commented it above, did you see??? I know cause your other accounts already commented above. Why did you comment this so late? Did your mom ask you to do the chores because McDonald’s didn’t hire you as janitor?

Yoo yaho

The mixed-Arab guy is way more handsome than this… Seriously, if you’re only judging by the visuals. Popular sure beats everything, but I’m not sure if he’s from the other group

Last edited 7 months ago by Yoo yaho

You literally made 0 sense

Yoo yaho

i don’t understand.. why girls are crazy about BTS when none of them know you. Fanatics may, but don’t be stupid.


You are even more pathetic because why are you so passionate over someone you don’t like. Imagine the effort coming to pannkpop to comment such trash 😂

Yoo yaho

😂 of course I have to come, I’m curious about the answer to my comment


Are you the mixed arab guy, perhaps? Does your crush like bts and not you?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure he’s an incel bitter because his crush likes Taehyung instead of his dirty ass lol


Wonder what this is for? My guess is a photo shoot for a brand.


Nauurrrr now that’s some insanity. That’s art right there folks


That black and white on of Tae is just a gorgeous pic. Who took that? They have a great eye.


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He looks like he stepped straight out of a renaissance painting in this picture. Insane 😍


You’re delulu. Go seek therapist help


The irony of you coming under my comment to say this while doing your absolute best to shit on every single idol that’s not dozenpink. Call coming from inside the house fr.

Last edited 7 months ago by stfu bitch

Fr he have that classic beauty


His visuals and aura are crazy. Just like a renaissance sculpture

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