BTS V once again proves his popularity in the US

BTS V, top 6 influencers in the US… ‘Gen Z wannabe’

BTS V once again proves his popularity when ranking 6th on the ‘top influencers in the US’

1. Wow… It’s seriously not a joke

2. He’s the role model of junior idols and he’s a great guy no matter what he does, his influence is amazing

3. Wow, I wonder if V knows the value of his Instagram

4. Wow, V is popular among American high school students and V is also the only male celebrity in the ranking

5. I’m so proud of Taehyung

6. The only male celebrity in the top 10 is V. He’s popular among teenagers even in America

7. Well daebak. He’s so popular in the US

8. He’s so handsome, but he’s also charming and cute. It’s weird that someone hates him

9. It’s so weird that a Korean celebrity made the list.. He’s amazing

10. Taehyung’s Instagram is fun and interesting

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