BTS V posts a photo on his Instagram and responds to a fan

BTS V posts his photo on Instagram + Reply to a fan’s post

He’s so cool ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ

“Taehyung… I miss you”

1. His face is insanely pretty. Personally, I envy V’s face the most in the world

2. He’s the best out of all the men Jennie has dated. They get along so well

3. He’s really handsome… I was shocked as soon as I saw the photo!!

4. I’m so happy to see Taehyung’s face

5. Last time he seemed to have denied it, but this time he just uploaded a photo of himself… I wish he denied it

6. I support Jennie and Taehyung~~ They look good together

7. I want to be born in the next life with that face

8. Taehyung dominates everything with his handsome looks

9. The fans don’t like this relationship, right?? For the non-fans, they look good together

10. Looks like they’re admitting dating rumors, they’re not denying it

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