BTS V stuns netizens with Compose Coffee NEW promotional photos

Compose Coffee x BTS V NEW promotional photos

1. Wow, he’s crazy. He’s daebak

2. When I saw his face in a large photo at the store, I once again realized that he was seriously handsome

3. I’m so happy thanks to Taehyung

4. He’s handsome and has good charisma

5. He’s really handsome. Oh, I’m so happy!

6. I really like Compose V

7. Wow, that first photo is amazing

8. He’s so handsome. I really like Compose these days

9. It would be great to see it on the streets

10. My heart fluttered when I saw it

11. I was so impressed as soon as I saw the first photo

12. Taehyung’s expression is both cold and handsome

13. I feel comfortable every time I go to Compose

14. Pink shirts also suit him so well

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