BTS V updates photos and video of his Paris trip on Instagram

V went to Paris to attend Celine’s fashion show

1. How does he get this kind of atmosphere?

2. His life is just a movie

3. V’s atmosphere, Paris sensibility, it’s crazy, this is just a movie

4. All the photos and videos are great. Do you edit them yourself? The atmosphere is crazy

5. The photos are so beautiful and the video is good too, V makes me feel like traveling to Paris

6. The video is crazy… The atmosphere is like a movie and his face is a masterpiece

7. He’s so handsome and his aura is unique.. I think V was born to be a superstar

8. The atmosphere in these photos is crazy, but the video is even better

9. I really like the video, I really like the atmosphere

10. His face is a masterpiece, his personality is a fairy tale, his life is a movie ㅠㅠ

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