BTS V’s admirable face at the airport today

BTS V’s admirable face at the airport today..

He departed for Paris according to Celine’s schedule

His aura is crazy

1. Wow, both the face and the outfit are so pretty

2. It reminds me of his innocent vibes during his debut days

3. He’s handsome, innocent, cute, his aura is crazy

4. Today he’s seriously so pretty

5. He’s really handsome

6. I want to live with V’s face even for a day

7. He’s innocent and handsome

8. V doesn’t wear makeup, right? He’s really handsome and his aura is amazing

9. The outfit is so pretty and it’s nice to see his handsome face

10. Not only is V handsome, but his aura is on another level

11. Seriously, seriously so handsome

12. V is really handsome

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8. V doesn’t wear makeup, right? He’s really handsome and his aura is amazing

He has a light make-up on. With him, it is very easy to tell if he has make-up on or not. Mask on = no make-up. Mask off = make-up. Even his hair is styled.


Same for most idols about the mask. I’m pretty sure he was done up since this is an official trip for Celine.


Most male idols. Female idols wear make-up with or without the mask.


That’s his bare face though


Nahhh. He looked the same as when he went to Paris in 2022 for Celine fashion show. We had footage of him being dolled up before he appeared at the airport.


He deserves better than Celine 🙁


Fr though…Celine is just so bland. BUT this is his choice so *shrugs*

Teenaged puppy

Jennie is indeed at the hotel but she’s ain’t waiting on Tae. More like getting passed around between jeremy, YG and Teddy.

Teenaged puppy

Idol of idols 💜


Yeah he’s good looking, but why the white washing ?


No point to this comment whether true or not. Not a scandal either way but you’ve created an opening for hate on 2 people who don’t deserve it. I’d say successful job, loser. Special place for you.


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the First & Only Person in the World with all his posts get over 10M likes in Instagram’s history


Taehyung once again extends his record as the ONLY individual in Instagram history to have every post reach 10 MILLION likes (78).

Taehyung’s latest IG post reached 10 MILLION likes in less than 12 hours.


Wrong guess. Tae is going a business trip, makes everything sold out, doing his job and making his debut album. But jennifer is only partying and drinking. That’s why she is a loser and has sick fans


His only talent


And ntc


Plastic doll


Being a blackpink fan and talking about plastic lmao. Taehyung looks exactly like his dad and his parents were both gorgeous unlike ladyboy Lisa and lazy jennie who were butt ugly before they were gifted new faces by their rich moms yet still look like anabelles.


Is Lalisa, dont know how much plastic surgery she is doing but wow she looks different


Your dad waiting jennie at his bedroom with his strap on

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