BTS V’s admirable face at the airport today

BTS V’s admirable face at the airport today..

He departed for Paris according to Celine’s schedule

His aura is crazy

1. Wow, both the face and the outfit are so pretty

2. It reminds me of his innocent vibes during his debut days

3. He’s handsome, innocent, cute, his aura is crazy

4. Today he’s seriously so pretty

5. He’s really handsome

6. I want to live with V’s face even for a day

7. He’s innocent and handsome

8. V doesn’t wear makeup, right? He’s really handsome and his aura is amazing

9. The outfit is so pretty and it’s nice to see his handsome face

10. Not only is V handsome, but his aura is on another level

11. Seriously, seriously so handsome

12. V is really handsome

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