BTS V’s body is getting better and better

BTS V’s body is getting better and better

He grew up and became a real man

1. Wow the full body picture is crazy

2. He is so handsome, his face is crazy, his face is the size of a chestnut and his facial features are also crazy

3. Wow… Why did his face look younger after he joined the army?

4. When looking at his face, he looks young but when looking at his whole body, he looks cool

5. He’s so handsome and cool

6. Wow, he has a manly face and a manly body.. I’m so excited..

7. I’m glad he’s doing well in the army

8. Taehyung, your face is so cute and your body is so cool ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. He has the body of a man but the face of a boy

10. He’s still handsome and looks even cooler

11. My face has become younger and my body has improved

12. Taehyung is so cool

13. His face is so cute and handsome, his body is so masculine and crazy

14. He’s handsome but cute

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