BTS V’s eye size surprised even TXT Beomgyu

The TXT members also have big eyes, but V’s eyes are so big..

Since he was a kid, his eyes have been so big

1. His skin is white, his eyelashes are long, his eyes are big and beautiful

2. Our Taetae’s eyes are like jewels

3. Wow I can’t get rid of this post ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Taehyung-ah ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

4. He is the most perfect person I have ever seen in my life

5. His eyes are so big and beautiful

6. I envy him

7. I have never seen anyone with such big eyes. I want to see V in real life

8. V’s eyes, nose, and mouth are all pretty

9. Eyes, nose and mouth are all handsome

10. He’s so handsome that I never thought he had big eyes

11. Wow, his eyes are so pretty, but looking at the photos, he’s seriously handsome

12. He looks like a doll

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1. His skin is white….

what about NO ? he’s gorgeous but not white …. Why would that make him prettier ?!
He is way prettier without the fckn filters that makes whiter than the walls !
Why are they obsessed with the white skin ?!


his honey skin is one of his sexciest features
he’s a rare beauty out of their standards that eats all their standards up.they’re trying to cope.

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I agree, his honey skin gives him fairy prince vibe. So so pretty


Ikr, his honey tan skin honestly are the most beautiful things


Idky they try to use k-beauty standards when his beauty is way beyond that.


he’s definitely a doll


wow, another post about v that only focuses on his looks 🤩


Wow yet another post where you are commenting showing your obsession 😍


I know you’re jealous it’s ok it’s your disease


I only Stan gg. I don’t Stan bts or any bg but I do casally watch them. But I’ve got to say, V is easily the prettiest man I’ve ever seen. His features are very balanced both feminine and masculine. I think that makes him very ethereal. I don’t even like men, but V is too beautiful for a guy. Lol

And I mean this completely as a compliment. I don’t want army to attack me saying I’m calling him a girl or something! I know he’s a boy, but to me he’s beauty is too much for a man. (It’s a complement armys!)

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It’s okay! A Korean plastic surgeon complimented his looks saying V was born with it all & said the same about him. He said that his features are mixed between both masculinity and femininity

Last edited 1 month ago by Sss

When bts guested on Yaman TV” variety show back in 2015, host HAHA was so stunned to see Taehyung in real life. He kept on complimenting his eyes and beauty. Interrupting him mid conversation to talk about “look at how big his eyes are” as if he was completely star struck. He wrote a song about him too.

Haha has been a regular cast member of running man and has seen tons of celebs up close but taehyung’s visuals left him speechless. Bts weren’t even that famous back then so the ones claiming V’s visuals are only acknowledged bc he is a bts member are talking no sense. Another idol approached RM in a variety show and asked about “V” saying there is a member V in your group who is really goodlooking. Taehyung’s unreal looks were creating a buzz in the industry even before bts gained unprecedented popularity in the west.

Teenage puppy

Tell them!!

Teenage puppy

Easy the most handsome idol out there


Kim Taehyung = Pretty face + 0 talent + 0 intelligence
No wonder he was called blonde bimbo of the group 🤣


Go find your pacifier


ok clown
v’s toe can outsold everyone’s talent here


Damn you dedicated your life for BTS instead of your fav. Look at your username lmao a total failure in life are you


This boy is the definition of pretty privilege. He sounds best on mute


Say’s nobody except jealous people


So much bile, anger and envy.


Beomgyu Yeonjun Taehyun and Taehyung look like cousins… Or step brothers. Its like they are his sons, if you merge them together they look like Taehyung. I dont know. I just see him in them sometimes.


Not at all


Saw Yet To Come in the cinema yesterday and was stunned how good V looks on big movie screen. A natural movie star. Just Wow 🤩


Couldn’t agree more, stunned whenever he’s on screen and can’t help but took pic of him lol he’s gorgeous, and just like they say his big eyes are always full of stars and shining, he’s beautiful man


Too handsome for blanks to try and put their fugly hag with him. The audacity.


Saw him on the big screen he was ethereal

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