BTS V’s first solo album sold more than 1.5 million copies after 5 hours of release

His album was released at 1 p.m

As of 6:34 p.m., album sales surpassed 1.59 million copies

1. Wow V is amazing

2. As expected, Kim Taehyung is daebak

3. BTS is BTS, their class is different

4. I bought it… Taehyung-ah!!!!!!

5. Where can I buy this? V is cute so I like him

6. The album quality is so good and the sales are amazing

7. Wow~!! Daebak!! Congratulations to Taehyung!

8. I should buy it too

9. I’m not a fan but I want to buy his album

10. Is V the most popular member in BTS?

11. As expected from V

12. Wow daebak, Taehyung, congratulations!!

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