BTS V’s Instagram Story V-cut (with Jackie Chan)

BTS V’s Instagram Story V-cut (with Jackie Chan)

1. Kim V is so sweet

2. Cute~ So cute~

3. Wow, I want to see more behind the scenes

4. So cute.. please give me more

5. I need a behind the scenes video. The atmosphere must have been so fun

6. So cute.. ​I’m curious about the behind the scenes

7. V and Jackie Chan are so cute

8. So cute, red suits him so well

9. Seriously cute~ I agree with this combination~

10. I’m really touched when he uploads V-cut every time

11. He’s really sweet and sincere ㅠㅠ V-cut is so appreciable ㅠㅠㅠ

12. Jackie Chan lived in Korea for several years so he speaks Korean so well. I wonder if they have become friends

13. He really worked hard

14. This combination is crazy

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