BTS V’s pictures departing to Paris to attend Celine’s fashion show

1. Well, he looks so cute

2. V should act in a movie or a drama before turning 30

3. What’s going on with the costumes? Is that a Celine dress?

4. The clothes are weird, no one can understand it, but he saved it with his face ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He’s so cute ㅋㅋ

5. He really looks like a prince

6. He’s cute and pretty

7. V’s hair suits him so well.. I’ve seen a lot of guys who imitate V’s hair, but it’s not easy to look good with that hairstyle

8. He’s tall, but because of the clothes, he looks short

9. He really looks like a bear

10. The clothes don’t suit him, but he looks rich

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The clothes are fine…

Tae is looking good😍
I wish him a safe flight!


None of bts has that fashion sense. Some have good visuals but not very good body potion or good height. Some have good height but not really good looking. Some are just not model alike. Some of their previous photo shoots from album even their lv photoshoots weren’t that impressive


here comes the fashion expert. can professional models have as much influence as BTS members? they’re not models so who cares as long as they make every item they endorse sold-out?

Last edited 7 months ago by rest

Influence isn’t the only important thing to consider when it comes to endorsement. it is more important the person endorse match the image of the brand, they look good to wear the cloth make people even none fans want to buy the product. Can’t find any bts member have that fashion sense or look good when wearing one specific brand, or even made any fashion trend before.


it’s not like it’s their main job so? maybe you should call up all the brands’ directors and asked why they chose BTS as their models lol

just lurking

I agree with you that none of them has a good fashion sense but it’s not bc they were fvgly or short GD isn’t good looking or tall but he has a sense of fashion so it really depends


the different is gd is interested in fashion, bts don’t and treat it as a side job

please change back to disqus

please change back to disqus
this new comment section sucks ass

yes Imma keep repeating this until admins do something about it


Taehyung looks sooo good especially with that perm

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