BTS V’s pictures were posted on Min Heejin’s Instagram

1. Even if he’s not an idol, he’ll still be so popular

2. He’s so handsome

3. He looks a bit like John Lennon..????

4. I saw V in real life at the premiere and he’s a hundred times more handsome than in the picture

5. V wearing glasses is so handsome that my heart flutters

6. Taehyung always looks handsome~

7. I didn’t think V was the most handsome in BTS (there were people who thought he was the most handsome in BTS). Why does V on Min Heejin’s Instagram look so charming?

8. He’s someone who will become famous no matter what he does

9. I really want to live with a face like this

10. Is he drawing aliens?

11. Wow he’s so handsome and Min Heejin’s sensitivity is amazing

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