“BTS, who promote national prestige, 78% agree with alternative service”

On April 6, Dispatch conducted a survey on the “public awareness of special cases on military service.” There are 1000 Koreans from 14 to 59 years old participating in the survey

78% of participants agreed that cultural agents (such as BTS) can opt for alternative service

1. If they don’t enlist, I think they’ll be cursed forever

2. Only 1000 Koreans…? Half of the population are men who have served in the military, so this is unreliable…!

3. There are a lot of articles and news about BTS military exemption these days, my father also saw the news and said it’s okay for BTS to be exempt from military service

4. Didn’t they say that they would enlist???

5. I also think BTS should be exempt from military service or do alternative service

6. Contrary to opinion polls, there are many people around me who oppose the exemption from military service for celebrities or people who are active in the arts and sports

7. I’m a fan and I want BTS to enlist because BTS will last a long time

8. The reason I want BTS to join the army is because it keeps BTS from being cursed for the rest of their lives

9. I don’t know why they should be exempt from military service, normal guys in their 20s shouldn’t be exempt from military service just because they succeeded

10. If they don’t want to be cursed forever, I think they should enlist

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