BTS will perform at the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup?

Mexican newspaper “BTS will perform at the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup”

Mexican newspaper, “There is word going around from several sources that BTS will perform during the opening ceremony of the Qatar World Cup in front of 60,000 people”

1. Crazy, congratulations to BTS

2. Wow, BTS is amazing~ I’m looking forward to it

3. As expected, BTS’s class is different

4. Wow, it’s the opening ceremony of the World Cup, crazy

5. I hope BTS wears hanbok while performing

6. Our BTS is a world class boy group

7. I’m so excited

8. As expected from BTS

9. Can’t wait to see BTS’s performance

10. Well, BTS is crazy

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I don’t know if this is confirmed but I always love it when they come to the middle east. We don’t get many opportunities to see them in person so I’m always excited when Arab ARMYs get to see them perform live <3


It would be fantastic if they perform Idol cause that’s such a festival type of song . But I feel like they gonna perform Yet To Come since they released the Hyundai version in conjuction to the World Cup


Don’t want to sound like a party pooper but i hope it’s not yet to come. I like the song but it’s not suitable for world cup/ event like this. The world cup song they mentioned before is it the yet to come x hyundai version? I was hoping a new song or run bts haha


it seems like its gonna be a new song.


Kingtan is gonna give us some new amazing performances. I hope they can perform in fifa 🙏💜

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