“BTS’s successor has been confirmed” Stray Kids debuted on Billboard HOT 100

Stray Kids debuted on Billboard HOT 100

Debuted at #90

They ranked 2nd among K-pop boy groups

1. Stray Kids is amazing

2. Stray Kids’ songs are so good and they perform live so well

3. Stray Kids is really popular in the US

4. After BTS, the group with the most potential seems to be Stray Kids

5. Other agencies are fine except SM

6. Really?????? Wow, I can’t believe it, I’m so happy

7. Wow, I hope K-pop continues to be successful!!

8. I like Stray Kids’ concept so I hope they will be more successful

9. BTS’s successor has been confirmed

10. Congratulations to Stray Kids!!

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90 in the Hot100’s weakest charting week in the streaming era 🤣 also it’s not like they’re the second group ever, Blackpink, Fifty Fifty and New Jeans say hello

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