Busan City is disappointed with BTS’s decision to enlist in the army

Busan City “We respect BTS’s decision to enlist, but…” Busan World Expo is disappointing

Busan City “We expected BTS to play an active role as ambassadors for the entire 2030 World Expo, but unfortunately”

1. The mayor of Busan, who hasn’t even served in the army, should stop talking about BTS

2. Shut up! We hope to hold Expo 2030 in Saudi Arabia

3. I’m not a fan of BTS, but it’s weird that Busan city and the Ministry of National Defense are using BTS as slaves

4. Leave BTS alone… Where has your conscience gone after holding such a concert?

5. Do you have a conscience?

6. I’m a Busan citizen who went to BTS concert, but Busan isn’t even ready for major international events

7. Busan, please stop, I’m ashamed to be a citizen of Busan

8. I’m not a fan of BTS and I hate talking about the military, but whenever I see the mayor of Busan talking about BTS, I get annoyed every time I see him;

9. BTS’s agency isn’t even Busan city, so why?

10. I don’t think Busan can afford to hold a big event right now

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So they wanted BTS to do all the promotions for that expo?? Yikes I’m glad BTS got out of that they already did a lot


Falta poco para que JIN recoja el jabón GAHAHAHAH

アグネス ⁷

BTS performed “UGH” and “Cypher Pt.3 Killer” at Busan for reasons, Sir.

Especially the part “Fuck yeah I don’t care, you can’t control my shit” with all of the anger and scream.


Y Falta poco para JIN recoja jabones en las duchas hahahahha

WhatsThe Point

And when Busan loses the bid✓✓

BTS won’t take hit, iktr

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