But how is Lisa so good at English?

I saw her communicating in English with Jennie when they went to Korea when they were kids. So, did she learn it in Thailand? Anyway, I’m jealous that she’s as good at English as a native

1. She attended an international school in Thailand when she was a kid

2. Her father or mother is Canadian, right…?

3. She went to an international school and my stepfather is European

4. Southeast Asians are usually good at English.. But Lisa went to an international school so she’s better at English.. Her stepfather is also Swiss

5. Southeast Asians speak English well.. I think they speak better English than Koreans

6. She’s a role model in Thailand so I think I’ve seen a lot of Thai people who like Lisa

7. I wonder why Southeast Asians speak English well?!?!

8. Wow I envy her

9. Daebak, she attended an international school in Thailand

10. I bet she’s like a queen in Thailand

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kim joline

and i always wonder why south koreans are so bad at english.. except for like 1% they can’t talk a lick of english.. i don’t know what their school system is doing. it’s always been a mystery to me


same with japan,,, it’s interesting that they’re also super homogeneous countries. i’m most familiar with countries where most people are at least bilingual so it’s wild to see, but it makes sense when you look at it from a geographic/historical lens.


10 years ago if you went to paris no one spoke english and they’d actually shun you if you couldn’t speak french amazing how they adapted since.

japan i’ve visited many times over the years and basically it’s a sign language. they’re so homogeneous and i don’t think they’ll change


east asian countries doesn’t use english alphabet as often as SEA countries, also most SEA countries were colonized by America and Europe


It’s because most south East Asian countries were colonized by whites or lies in close proximity with countries that were. Korea ,Japan were neither a colony of European countries nor do they lie close to ones that were colonies of those countries.

kim joline

but a lot of non-native speakers learn a lot of english on their own because of their interests but i’ve never seen a korean do that. even though they watch most movies in english too etc.


I think that’s probably only true with Singapore and Malaysia. In Indonesia we were colonised by the Dutch but we don’t speak a lick of dutch. Idk in other SEA countries but at least in Indo if you can’t speak english well enough to do business you can’t get an office job so schools and parents will do their best to make sure students can actually speak english.


because they never focus on learning english to communicate. they study english for exams that test them on weird arbitrary grammar rules that even native speakers don’t follow.

kim joline

that’s what i’m saying.. why are they so bad at teaching english? i’ve heard that there are a lot of foreign teachers to but still..


i taught english overseas and esp in korea they care more about about “proper english” so we taught spelling and grammar which doesn’t apply to everyday situations


I think school system in Thailand is better I noticed most thai idols in kpop English is good


The bigggest reason probably different alfabet, korean and japan barely using it in books, mostly you’ll only find English alfabet on sign. And both of them didn’t get colonized by west or especially britain lol, Japan literally hate americans so no ones wants to learn english at that time




Generally speaking I think people in more international SEA countries speak better English than the typical East Asian person. Many of them (not Thailand specifically) were also kinda under colonial occupation of English speaking countries so there was that.


as a Malaysian I wouldn’t say my English is at native level but it’s at least fluent enough for communication purpose and same goes to our neighbour countries, so i was so surprised when i found out the chinese, japanese and koreans are generally bad at english (although some of them are not)


Because we actually converse in English, not just study it and memorise useless sentences for exams


South East Asian particularly Filipinos are very good with English because they are using English books in their schools since elementary, unlike in North East Asians, they usually have their books in their native language not Koreans


*not English

Li Lo

fun fact: Thailand was never colonized by european. Being colonized is not the ult reason SEA countries have better english conv skill.

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