But I think it’s great that V and Jungkook are in the same group

Ever since BTS just debuted, I wondered how the two of them were in the same groupㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. But the two of them have different tastes in music.. I still can’t believe the two of them are in the same group

2. Seriously, this is amazing

3. Please give us this unit

4. This unit will be a huge hit. This is the best combination. Please grant my wish just once

5. I’ve been thinking about this all the time lately… They’re amazing

6. Even when they just debuted, they were under a small or medium sized company..?

7. For real, how can the two of them become a team..?

8. Please give me a unit

9. This unit is amazing

10. I still don’t believe this

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