But I would be a bit disappointed if I was one of the BLACKPINK members

They can’t use other luxury brands… There’s a lot of pretty stuff in each brand, but if I were to just use the brand that I’m modeling for, this would be a shame

I suddenly thought of this while listening to BLACKPINK’s song

It was just my illusion..

1. But don’t they wear other brands’ clothes?

2. They can wear other brands, they just don’t post it on Instagram or something like that?

3. That’s right, I’m also a fan of BLACKPINK, but I don’t think I’ve seen the members wear other brands’ clothes, but I think they can wear it in private.. There are so many beautiful clothes that can be used as stage outfits or anything

4. They can’t wear other brands’ clothes in public?

5. But I’m so jealous of their lives…

6. They can wear it as long as they don’t post it on Instagram

7. Their daily lives are legendary, so it doesn’t matter

8. It’s a cute illusion…

9. Well, it would be great if they wore different brands’ clothes in front of the camera

10. But I would have made a lot of money, so I don’t care

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