But isn’t this Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi?

But isn’t this Jungkook and Lee Yoo Bi?

Or is she just an employee?

[+161, -624]

1. [+503, -12] She’s not Lee Yoo Bi! Stop it

2. [+453, -6] She’s not… It’s an employee, Lee Yoo Bi looks different from her

3. [+429, -8] It’s a common item that even the employees useㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+412, -7] It was Jungkook’s video in May… That person is an employee, do you really think Lee Yoo Bi brought a camera and went to the airport to take pictures of Jungkook? Please say something meaningful… ㅋㅋㅋ If you know it’s an employee, take it down

5. [+199, -4] It was the video that came out yesterday, but you’ve seen that beanie a lot, right?ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+191, -5] Are you mentally ill?ㅋ Stop it

7. [+190, -98] Musinsa beanie is a popular item so it goes viral, there are so many photos of celebrities wearing it, I’m really tired of haters

8. [+53, -26] The two of them look alike

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Free Jungkook and Bangtan from these people’s clutches and their obsession with seeing the members in a relationship 😭


every bts member is taking turns of the month of who’s dating who lol




stop talking about blackpink in posts that have nothing to do with them


Why you bringing up slutpink so suddenly?

Save bts

Free bts from the mentally ill Army. Choke on your noodles. Blinks too


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Mey Rin

The bangtan bomb lady was mistaken for some public figure 🤣


People want bts to date so much lol. Dont worry bitch, his fans are not going to leave him over the dating news. They are not a flop like your fav that their career will be destroyed by dating scandal lol. So keep crying, loser


Kpop stan logic…same hat/clothes=dating. The most delusional stan ever

Shu Yan

That old woman is a curse😒




Atp, all I can do is laugh from their stupidity. It’s so pathetic to drag the man who has been IA since last November.


how is it a coincidence that every bangtan rumor is associated with a very problematic woman (look at jimin’s now lolol)💀 they cant find any loopholes with bts’ personalities so they try to make an issue with their (imaginary) “partners”💀💀


They find one or two coincidences and call it proof and shi😭

Color color stan

The bitch tried lol


Not related but Heesung is hideous damn


Get a diary or something


Is it really that hard to mind your own business instead of pairing everyone he breathes next to with him? Let the man have some peace in his own private life.


Haters are more active than BTS


Is someone paying them to write those articles? I’m not a fan of bts but why does every article I see about jungkook recently mention that actress? Does someone want to get famous by association?

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