But seriously shouldn’t NMIXX Jiwoo manage herself?

The phone camera is the closest to their visuals in real life, but her legs look even above average here

Idols should manage themselves and you can straight up tell just by seeing that she’s above average

[+468, -154]

1. [+282, -21] I like NMIXX, but I think it would be better if Jiwoo lost a bit of weight… Her face is pretty but her body is so puffy that she doesn’t give any aura.. Once she loses weight, she will burst with potential

2. [+217, -27] But why doesn’t she look fat at all from her face compared to her body?…

3. [+180, -12] What’s more surprising is that her fat only starts from her abs down to her legs

4. [+141, -5] I think she can enter the Bermuda with Sullyoon and Jinni if ​​she loses weight. She should lose weight for their next album..

5. [+75, -18] If one member of the group is so overweight, the picture of the whole group will be ruined

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