But what is the reason why the public doesn’t listen to the male idol’s songs?

It’s just… the public doesn’t even listen to the male idol’s songs? Or were they annoyed by the male idols’ songs that lined up on the charts before?

1. Do muggles have any reason to listen to idol songs?

2. As a male idol fan, I only listen to my favorite group’s songs, I don’t listen to the songs of female idols nor other male idols

3. Men don’t listen to male idol songs + even female fans of male idols don’t listen to other male idols’ songs

4. I only listen to songs that I see on the chartsㅋㅋㅋ

5. Male idol’s songs are only for the fandom, so there’s no reason for muggles to listen to their songs. They need to release songs that the public can listen to.. Their songs all confess to their female fans, and this is why the public doesn’t listen to their songs

6. Because they only focus on the performances, their songs are so bad

7. If their songs are good, the public will listen to them.. But male idol’s songs are not good these days

8. Looking at male idols these days, I don’t know who they are

9. They only care about fandom, they focus on performance and worldview more than song quality

10. Male idols are not popular these days

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