But why do you guys hate SM’s new girl group??

Isn’t it great to meet so many idols..?

1. It seems like this is normal for a rookie group, but it’s a pity that Aespa didn’t have many activities as a rookie group

2. Even though I’m not a fan of Aespa, I feel sorry for them

3. SM can’t even take care of the existing groups, but the number of artists keeps increasing

4. I don’t hate it, but SM didn’t do well with their plans

5. I don’t know, but I feel like Aespa is still a rookie group, but is it time for a new group to debut?

6. There are too many artists under SM

7. It’s true that SM needs one or two more girl groups, but they can’t even take care of Aespa

8. Of course, fans are disappointed because the plans are always delayed

9. I don’t care, when will Aespa make a comeback?

10. This is too much for Aespa

11. Compared to the number of years since Aespa’s debut, they haven’t had many activities..?

12. Those who are not fans of the current groups will be looking forward to it

13. But Aespa is still a rookie group

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SM just realised Aespa failed the market and want someone to complete with it so they’ll be prioritize this group over Avatar group

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Aespa concept and music is trash
All the members are untalented and look like plastic monsters


Aespa are old hags now
They all look like plastic gangnam unnies

Newjeans, le sserafim, ive got fresh cute beautiful visuals so SM clearly jealous of the success of girl groups that debut last year

In the name

whoever you are … but for sure, all the comments you write will be held accountable before God.

NationMC 6️⃣5️⃣🎹

imagine Min Hee Jin still in SM and debuted Newjeans, SM cash skyrocketed, but it’s shame

Another Guest

How would that happen when NJ are full of Hybe trainees.


No nj are nothing without hybe stans

Shu Yan

Hope red velvet and aespa move to new label and let nct and new groups be managed by SM 😌

In the name

whoever you are … but for sure, all the comments you write will be held accountable before God.


aespa & nj are examples of mids who would kinda barely survive into yr 2 as winter of clc or minji of rocket punch. Only ningning may somewhat do well as victoria 2.0. But ningning of everglow might not.

big comps prob know grps like ive, stayc, tbz need so little push compared to mids who can’t survive small comp/ 0 comp stans.


kwangya plastic queens is over. mb last cb, hiatus and disband


aespa literally had 15min of fame and fell off lol

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