“Celebrity power abuse” The Boyz’s Younghoon causes controversy on Vlive

The way idols get to drink orange juice in Vlive

“I kind of want to drink orange juice”

“I’m saying this because by saying it like this, I feel like I will be able to drink it soon”

The staff are really working hard

He’s The Boyz’ Younghoon

1. The Boyz?? I’ve never even listened to their songs, but I know the group’s name because of their controversies

2. Crazy…… No matter how empty his head was, he shouldn’t have done it, even top stars don’t do it on live broadcasts..

3. I watched the video and he didn’t even say thank you

4. ?? I just thought it would be nice if my idol’s agency took care of them like that

5. He should say thank you.. He doesn’t seem to have any courtesy

6. Celebrity power abuse… He must be worse behind the camera

7. The company took good care of him so he joked about it?

8. I feel sorry for the staffㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

9. Well, it’s not good at all, I feel like I’ve seen a side of a celebrity that I didn’t want to see

10. Even a famous and successful idol wouldn’t do it.. What is his personality?

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