Cha Eunwoo and Han So Hee two-shot

at Dior Show

1. Eunwoo is crazy

2. Aren’t they a prince and a princess?

3. They match better than I thought

4. Han So Hee really looks like a Disney princess, Cha Eunwoo leaves me speechless

5. Cha Eunwoo is so handsome

6. They look like dolls

7. Han So Hee is seriously pretty

8. Cha Eunwoo is always handsome

9. They’re pretty and handsome, but isn’t Han So Hee the ambassador of Balenciaga?? Can she go to the Dior event?

10. Cha Eunwoo’s clothes and style are a bit disappointing

11. Hul, look at their faces.. Have you heard that they look alike?

12. They’re so handsome and pretty, but the clothes are really ugly

13. They are the prince and princess of our country

14. I want to see this picture in high definition

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