Cha Eunwoo shocks everyone by attending the Chaumet Gala Dinner event

Cha Eunwoo attended the Chaumet Gala Dinner event in real time


1. Is he crazy!? He’s just a prince…

2. He looks like a flight attendant with that hairstyle. He is so handsome

3. He is seriously so handsome

4. It’s a prince

5. His beauty is a national treasure

6. Thanks to him, I started the new day happily

7. I think he is the most handsome man in the world

8. The statue is walking

9. He really looks like a prince….

10. The most handsome guy in the world

11. The person who marries Cha Eunwoo should pay more taxes

12. Look at the fangirls’ expressions

13. Who will Cha Eunwoo really marry? Just living alone….

14. Isn’t this a national treasure?

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