Cha Eunwoo ‘W Korea’ photoshoot has just been released

1. Daebak, he looks so manly these days, long hair suits him so well

2. I really think he is the most handsome guy in the universe

3. Wow, the combination of face and jewelry is perfect

4. Thank you for being born Korean

5. Seriously, the visuals are out of this world;; He’s crazy

6. I don’t think Cha Eunwoo is human

7. It’s like a work of art;

8. Wow, this is my first time commenting on Cha Eunwoo’s post, he’s f*cking handsome

9. Wow… Cha Eunwoo is Cha Eunwoo

10. He has a handsome face and is also very good at taking photos

11. Eunwoo saved the world in his previous life

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