Cha Eunwoo will never leave the group even though he’s so popular

Cha Eunwoo will never leave the group

There are many members who leave the group when they are popular and do well, but Cha Eunwoo seems to have a lot of love for the group… and loyalty… so he’s even cooler

1. Anyway, he doesn’t participate in group activities, right?

-> But they released a song for the 8th anniversary

2. I’m a fan of another group, but Astro members are so close and they see each other often and they seem to love each other so much. I think they will last a long time as a group

3. These idols are much cooler than those who work as actors but neglect group activities

4. If you learn a little about Astro, you will know that Eunwoo has a lot of love for the group

5. I really like Cha Eunwoo

6. It seems like Eunwoo has a lot of love for the group, but I see that all the group members are close to each other

7. Looking at the lyrics of Astro’s 8th anniversary digital single… I’m so happy that the members’ feelings were expressed ㅠㅠ

8. That’s why I like Cha Eunwoo

9. Cha Eunwoo has a good personality

10. Cha Eunwoo can do well no matter what he does, he’s really cool

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