Cha Eunwoo’s shocking look at Waterbomb today

Prince Cha Eunwoo’s greeting at Waterbomb today

Even if he’s wet, he’s still a prince

1. Wow, he’s so handsome, my mouth is watering

2. He still looks handsome no matter what he does..


4. Wow… my eyesight suddenly got better

5. He is the prince who appeared at Waterbomb

6. Wow his face is amazing

7. I don’t think he’s human

8. Damn, he’s so handsome, seriously

9. Wow.. I’m so surprised. He really seems like the most handsome guy in the world

10. No seriously, why is he doing this to me?

11. I’m jealous of Cha Eunwoo’s mother….

12. Wow, every time I see Cha Eunwoo’s face, I’m stunned

13. It seems like he’s getting more and more handsome

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