Charlie Puth x BTS Jungkook is doing well with ‘Left and Right’ on Billboard Hot 100

Charlie Puth x BTS Jungkook ‘Left and Right’ 4th week consecutive on Billboard Hot 100 at #51


1. Well, it’s been 4 weeks, but the trend is still good

2. I really like the vocal combination between Jungkook and Charlie Puthㅋㅋ

3. Wow daebak!!! The song is great and the vocals have the best chemistry

4. I like the song, I listen to it every day

5. Wow Jungkook is amazing

6. This song is going for the long run

7. It’s a good song for anyone to listen to

8. Let’s perform in the US, Jungkook-ah.. You can’t no go at this rate

9. I love the song, let’s go for the long run

10. The song is so good.. It’s going for the long run

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