ChenBaekXi faces ‘backlash’ from fandom

‘It would be better if 5 EXO members did it!’ ChenBaekXi faces ‘backlash’ from fandom

On famous domestic entertainment communities such as Theqoo and DC Inside, fans and netizens are supporting EXO with 5 members

1. ChenBaekXi is so weird. I felt so sorry for the other members having to witness that

2. I feel sorry for the remaining members. Can’t we resolve this quietly?

3. The 5-member group is perfect. ChenBaekXi doesn’t deserve EXO

4. DO, Suho, Chanyeol’s vocals and Kai and Sehun’s performances are all good

5. EXO started with 12 people, but what happened?

6. The voices of the 5 EXO members are all good

7. I feel sorry for the other members ㅠㅠ

8. EXO is now based on those 5 people

9. Only handsome guys left

10. Baekhyun’s fans can also leave the group if they don’t like it

11. Seriously, those five members are the best members

12. But didn’t EXO originally have more than 10 members?

13. Can I see the 5 members of EXO~?

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