ChenBaekXi responds about not paying IP usage fees to SM for 6 months

ChenBaekXi side “IP usage fees have not been paid for 6 months? We have not received any requests” [Official statement]

INB100, “In the agreement signed last June, they allowed us to use the IP, and there was no mention of how much we needed to pay. We have not received a request from SM to pay the IP usage fee, so it doesn’t make sense to claim that we didn’t pay the IP fee. We proposed paying the IP fee at the press conference first, but SM has not responded to our proposal. It’s unfortunate to see them using media play about not paying the IP fee when they have not responded to us.”

1. Do they know what they are doing?

2. IP usage fees are included in 10% of revenue, and since you don’t pay that amount, of course you don’t pay IP usage fees. Don’t play with words anymore. You think that the public is stupid?

3. What do they mean, they didn’t pay what they were supposed to because they didn’t get any requests? Since it is included in the 10% they can do it by paying 10%

4. For these people, paying IP usage fee means paying 10%. Are they idiots?

5. Are they idiots?

6. I think they need to change their lawyer

7. Are they acting stupid or are they really stupid?

8. No, they didn’t read the contract when renewing it…?

9. IP usage fee included in 10% of sales. Idiot, what did you guys do when you signed the contract????????

10. They don’t understand the contract at all, right? IP usage fees are included in 10% of sales

11. Don’t they have a lawyer?

12. Aren’t they all in their 30s?

13. Am I the only one who feels they are stupid?

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